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Get a VAYA in Tanzania and travel the fast and reliable way using VAYA Green bikes for deliveries and VAYA e-Vehicles to take you from one place to another easily. Download the VAYA Africa app on your phone.

VAYA Tractor

VAYA Tractor allows farmers to deploy mechanization technology by ordering a tractor through the VAYA Africa mobile app as well as on USSD. This enables them to use the farming asset on a pay per use basis without having to borrow funds to invest in the equipment VAYA Delivers!

VAYA Truck

VAYA Truck is the delivery option for larger shipments (7 Tonne to 12 Tonne). The option also has refrigerated trucks available for all your intercity operations, giving you access to the right vehicle for the task conveniently via mobile app.

VAYA Cross Border

Travelling from Malawi, Mozambique, Kenya  or Uganda? Book a VAYA home. VAYA is a safe ride hailing app that allows you to book a bus conveniently from the comfort of your home or office. Book and pay for your trip and a VAYA cab will come to your doorstep.

Clean City

VAYA Clean City (accessible via mobile app) is for customers and corporates who require to have waste in their homes or offices collected and disposed for them at the touch of a button. We also offer this service to hospitals, schools and industries all the while working closely with the local authorities to deliver a smart way of living.

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