Hello Rwanda! VAYA your way anytime, anywhere!

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Welcome to the life of ease, comfort and added convenience with VAYA Green bikes for all your delivery needs and VAYA e-Vehicles to take you from one place to another easily. Download the VAYA Africa app on your phone.
VAYA Africa is now in Rwanda, providing a reliable economically friendly transport service for everyone in Rwanda on the phone.

VAYA Green Bikes

Eco-friendly motorbikes that take you from one place to another and emit less harmful gases into the environment.


VAYA Cross-Border

Travelling from Burundi, Uganda or Tanzania? Book a VAYA home. VAYA is a safe ride hailing app that allows you to book a bus conveniently from the comfort of your home or office. Book and pay for your trip and we will even provide transport to and from the bus station.

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