VAYA provides transport for essential services providers

RIDE-HAILING company, VAYA, is providing transport to commuters offering critical services during the 21-day national lockdown in a bid to contain the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19).

The outbreak of Covid-19 has forced many countries, including Zimbabwe, to impose 21 to 30-day lockdown periods.

The lockdowns are meant to protect citizens from the deadly and infectious disease by restricting contact among people.

The restriction on movement, which has been extended to the public transport sector, means even those whose services are considered essential are also finding it difficult to move around conveniently.

In this light, government designated VAYA as one of the essential service providers to ensure safe and reliable transport services.

In a statement yesterday, VAYA said the company will ensure that people who provide some of the services that have been recognised as essential, including healthcare, food, medicines, power, water, telecoms, rescue services and others, are at their work places on time.

“If these services are to be offered smoothly, healthcare personnel such as doctors and nurses and other essential service providers should, of necessity, be able to travel without much trouble. This is where services such as VAYA mobility come in,” the company said.

VAYA mobility, the company said, is safe and convenient for those commuting to work in critical services and industries, as well as for citizens needing access to pharmacies, grocery shops, surgeries and others during the lockdown.

The essential services status allows the company to operate freely without restriction and without breaching government laws expressly stated under Statutory Instrument 82 of 2020 and Statutory Instrument 83 of 2020.

“So, with VAYA mobility there is no fear of being mistaken for someone breaching the lockdown laws as the company and its partners have been granted express authorisation to work as critical service providers….,” the company further said.

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