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VAYA Karigo

VAYA Africa has partnered with Karigo to provide on-demand truck and cargo services in Nigeria. More services to follow.

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VAYA Truck

VAYA Truck is the delivery option for larger shipments (7 Tonne to 12 Tonne). The option also has refrigerated trucks available for all your intercity operations, giving you access to the right vehicle for the task conveniently via mobile app.

VAYA Van Delivery

VAYA Van Delivery is the ideal option for the delivery of special shipments or large parcels or goods which cannot be delivered by small utility bicycles and motorbikes.(1 Tonne to 5 Tonne) Utilizes small vans to deliver parcels door to door to people’s homes. All parcels can be tracked on the app until they reach their destination. The customer is contacted prior to delivery. VAYA Delivers!


VAYA Green Bikes

Eco-friendly motorbikes that take you from one place to another and emit less harmful gases into the environment.