VAYA Mobility

An app-based ride hailing solution that moves people and goods from one point to another by linking clients to drivers. Requests are paired with the most suitable driver taking into account distance to client as well as driver rating.

Depending on the country of launch, we tailor our solution to accommodate either car hailing or motorcycle hailing, with the latter being popular in many parts of Africa. While the predominant model is transportation of people and goods, we have also developed a service for the delivery of parcels and letters on the same platform.

VAYA Lift Driver

It links the nearest available drivers to clients both individual and business customers offering convenience, affordability and safety in moving people from one point to another through the use of a mobile app which is available for download.

VAYA Shuttle

Offers a Kombi option for 5 or more passengers with a personalised “door to door service” to pick up and drop off passengers. VAYA Shuttle aims to reduce and ease the burden of having to walk extra distances after being dropped off.


Offers a car sharing service for up to 3 passengers sharing a vehicle. In the event of the other passengers being under 15 years of age, the service can accommodate up to 4. Works on a fair splitting system via a payment portal linked to the app to allow each individual the ability to pay their own portion of the transport fair.

VAYA Hooper

Is for customers requiring motorbike, electric cycle or 3-wheeler rides to hop from one place to another in congested areas.