VAYA Logistics

VAYA Logistics is a virtual solution platform and marketplace where all partners meet to collaborate and give solutions to common industry challenges. We call this the Circle of Trust.
The platform aims to bring cargo owners, truck owners as well as other stakeholders to a mutual space. We aim to connect cargo owners with a network of over 2500 trucks waiting to accept offers. Our target is to reduce the cost of transportation for manufacturers and cargo owners, by 25%. We do this by networking all manufacturers/cargo owners so as to eliminate dead mileage and empty trucks on return trips. The additional income from improved return trips is used to discount the main trip. Our goal is to create a community of trust between partners and add value to all our customers.

VAYA Express Delivery

Today, the principle of providing a fast and focused express service, without ever losing sight of the importance of the human touch, is all but lost. VAYA Express is designed to change this by offering a unique service experience which combines speed, affordability, convenience and a personal touch. Through a unique network of professionally trained service providers connected to customers via an integrated mobile based platform, we are able to provide unparalleled delivery service door to door. VAYA Delivers!

VAYA Haulage

VAYA Haulage enables the connection of high-volume cargo movers to long haul truck owners who are able to rent out their assets to them to move the goods thereby allowing the optimizing utilization based on seasonality, cutting across geographies. It supports easy accessibility and service through a dedicated App… VAYA Delivers!

VAYA Van Delivery | Corporate

Owning and managing a fleet of delivery vehicles in time consuming and very expensive. In addition traditional delivery companies and brokers are often unable to provide timely, on-demand service. VAYA Corporate is an app based solution designed with the business user in mind. Through proven, state-of-the-art IT and track-and trace systems, the platform ensure that the corporate user is assured of a high delivery performance solution, All general consignments sent through this platform are automatically insured for a % of the value of the goods at no additional cost to the sender..VAYA Delivers!

VAYA Van Delivery | Consumer

VAYA Van is the ideal option for the delivery of special shipments or large parcels or goods which cannot be delivered by small utility bicycles and motorbikes. Utilizes small vans to deliver parcels door to door to people’s homes. All parcels can be tracked on the app until they reach their destination. The customer is contacted prior to delivery..VAYA Delivers!

VAYA Tractor

VAYA tractor is premised on an understanding that in most African countries farm mechanization penetration is still very low and many small farmers are forced to use manual methods to tilling their land. VAYA Tractor is designed to enable these farmers to improve their productivity and Rise by providing accessible technology. The solution allows farmers to deploy mechanization technology by ordering a tractor services by phone or through a mobile app. This enables them to use the asset on a pay per use basis without having to borrow funds to invest in the equipment…VAYA Delivers!