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Enjoy these benefits and more

Whether you’re trying to get yourself or your package somewhere, we can do it for you faster than you can say Vaya!

Make your business profitable with a seamless transport service 

-Reduced costs on vehicle maintenance, fuel and insurance. 

-Increased vehicle life span. 

-Lower risk of vehicle abuse after hours and on weekends. 

-Savings on transaction charges with monthly billings. 

-Vehicles readily available in all the active cities. 

-Instant service quality feedback with the in-app Rating system. 

-Complete access to service and receiving reports on trips (on request). 

Get your package delivered anywhere, anytime with our  courier   service

-Enjoy access to efficient intra-city deliveries. 

-Make bookings via the application or our Web dashboard (

-Track your order right through to ‘delivery completion’ status. 

-Every delivery has a confirmation code for delivery to be closed. 

Only our qualified vehicles will deliver 

1. Motorcycles. 

2. Small vehicles (our ride vehicles. 

3. Pick up trucks 1 - 15 tonne. 

4. 3.5 Tonne trucks. 

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