“A vehicle is not an asset.”

Owning a car is definitely a very big achievement, unfortunately it’s also a huge expense and you’ll need a second stream of income just to take care of it. So, besides the basic monthly checks and insurance, your car needs fuel, regular maintenance and changing of parts and to do that you need an adequate supply of money.

 The question is how will you get the money?

There are 24 hours in a day and you probably spend just 2 of those hours driving your car and the rest of the day it just sits there continuously depreciating in value. So, why not put your car to good use and make some extra money, on your terms too.

Because a lot of Zimbabweans are working and looking for affordable and reliable transportation to take them from one place to another, you can easily use your car as a taxi, for deliveries or to rent out to people, thereby, filling that gap and making easy money everyday.

Anyone with a car can do it!  Be a VAYA Africa driver today!

The great thing about being a VAYA Africa driver is that you never have to leave the driver’s seat to make money. You can work on your own terms, any time of the day and get access to customers and everything you need on the VAYA Africa app.

Turn your car into a money machine with VAYA Africa!

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